Well and Good

 (B. Mosley)

appears on Light & Blood

Written after being subjected to a particularly protracted game of cat-and-mouse had grown ever so tiresome.

TRIVIA: This was the last song I wrote on guitar before writing only with my dobro…

Come a brave, grown girl
And I will play
Ain’t gonna be no more half-assin’

A year full ‘a days unlived and it’s on me
While the rebound litter swirled
I caught the ball and got the longin’ honors

You said, “I’m thinkin’ of you”
Well, ain’t that one fine howdy-goddamn-do
‘Cause I ain’t heard a word but how you
Cannot include me

You barely made love with me but still
Foresook some fear here and there
‘Til I got too close and you were scared to get seen
Hauled ass and got mean as hell

With me leaning blind, bearing down, caving in
Carrying my little-boy longin’
Right where my balls had been

Choosing to loose myself ‘stead of you
Might’ve cheated us both out something
Knew I didn’t want to

Wade in but jump and swim
Thinking time can’t afford me more
Suffering my resistance to full-on lovin’
Yank your slack go on away, come back and maybe see

Thou and the one that got away
And it’s all well and good by me

Maybe someday could’ve grown where you cut it
Could’ve loved you forever but it
No longer makes me or breaks me

…and they say, “If it sticks to the wall it’s done”