(B. Mosley)

appears on Through the Fire

“Upholding” owes a tremendous debt to James Joyce with respect to his masterwork, “Ulysses”.

Is the vow worth upholding?
And holding out?
Must be cold in Seoul now
Nearly Christmas

The days alone delayed no
Swarming toward adharma
O’er the isthmus
You didn’t miss much

In the brawl ensuing
You’re doing your all
Will you be calling bottom?
Standing tall?

I invoke Santa Barbara
Three times to calm down
And then come home
To cataclysm

In a way, you might say I been right there all along
For the railing, flailing, and carrying on

I’ve been gathering my lessons skin to skin
How I wish it would storm now

Non serviam
Non serviam

And don’t be fooled into
Eschewing your chores
Your safe in port…yeah, sure
But that’s not what you’re built for

Unswear the waking memories long gone
Transcend the has-been, hand-wringing whims
And just get on
With being someone

Make no mistake, your attempt escape…it became a syndrome
The longest way round is the shortest way home

Love loves to love love
As we walk through ourselves

Will I let my country die for me?
As you are now, so once were we

Laughing back down at my broken shackles
Throwing my weight into the block and tackle

Water in my hand, world without end

Non serviam
Non serviam

I give myself leave to stay on the qui vive

Non serviam
Non serviam

In spite of all that you ordain, despite all that you believe

Non serviam