Through the Fire

 (B. Mosley)

appears on Through the Fire

This title track to the TTF album was inspired by the light that shines in my now wife’s eyes. She used to shyly stay at back of the room at my shows, behind the glare of the stage light. However, I could see the light shining in her eyes right through the stage lights.

Yeah, New York invented me trenchant
Come across more than one
Stood in my way with nothing to say
So give over to my calling, it’s done

I have come open
And gone out of line
Scorned the reasons
And borne the time

And we are even
And I am leaving you all
Not far behind
Let me know what you find

Clamoring into the mountains
Incensed and unsound
Fortune give way…what more can I say?
In the cold, in the dark, upside down

I have been a given
I have been torn
Come to find that I
Ignored the warnings

And it cost me
It put one across on me
Hungry, alone
In the deep end of the ocean

‘Til I begin again to bloody breathe
Two for you and three for me
As it was in the beginning
Death hath no dominion

And calling out, “¿A qué sabe la luna?”
Full-on and full grown
Well underway. Much more to say
Your luminous eyes to have shone

I have known Love
I have known Death
You learn to rise above
You don’t hold your breath

Unless you mean to
And she has seen you
Through the fire
And she has seen you through the fire

And she has seen you clean through the fire