Stare at the Sun

 (B. Mosley/K. Keck)

appears on Charge (Chärj)

My dear friend and brilliant author Kevin Keck (read his books…you’re welcome) came to me with the idea to co-write something he had started…actually, Kevin had pretty much written the lyrics and gave me his blessing to play around with them. I came up with groove, tempo, and arrangement ideas. We had a talk on the phone, emailed back and forth a few times, and had it done in a couple of days. Kevin & I shared some comparable history with the general subject of the song.

Later that year, I brought the song into the studio for the Charge recording project with Jerry Joseph and Steve Drizos. Jerry plays bass on the track, which is fun & different.

I’ve always really enjoyed co-writing, although I haven’t done much of it so far. It would be cool to do more.

There’s no one to talk to so late in the night
Or early in the morning–call it whatever you like
There’s no one to talk to about mama’s good word
To watch out for those brown-eyed southern girls

There’s just the melting whisper of the ice in your glass
Watered down whiskey is the flavor of the past

You can stare at the sun until you go blind
Or you can spend your days kicking back with your kind
You can sing your problems up to the drunk moon
And on a good night it looks like she might winking back at you

She said, “come hither, boy. I like what you’re about.”
Said, “How does that grab you?” said, “It turns me inside out.”
“That’s good”, she said, “we could get busy for a spell”
I move on in and when it’s far too late and near…I tell ya

I look around and I’m upside down wrapped around a tail-spin on fire
The sweetest, strangest danger colliding with desire

You can stare at the sun until you go blind
Never hide or run, neither seek nor find
You can salve your soul in the sweet glow of the moon
Can you ever know if you’re the player or the tune?

I need a longer highway and a few more songs
I don’t know where I want to go but I’ll take whatever comes
If forgetting was as easy as just crossing state lines
I’d be on a hot run for the border every time

All through the night I can hear mama say
Watch out for southern girls with their wet words and ways

You can stare at the sun until you go blind
And you’ll carry that light with you until you die
You can spend your nights alone with the moon
Whatever you love will always leave you too soon