A Sign of Love

 (B. Mosley)

appears on Through the Fire

Lyrics for “A Sign of Love” took a cue from the Mother Goose rhymes.

The perfect work of art
Passed with no shape or things
Year one Australia
We’re in the ring

So you resume
To plead your case
To whom it may concern
As if your savin’ face

I do not mind
A kind of shove at times
But I can find nary a sign of love
Behind this one

I bite my tongue one last time
Check my six and pick up sticks
Time to find
Signs of love

Walk up to the edge
In storied sport a villian
Look off in the distance
Worried my than willing

Scan the city choked in
An expanse of smoke and
Come to think on it
The grandeur of a yoke

Beyond the ken
Beyond the pale
Draw the curtain then
Abide the Beaufort scale

I find I can get outside
Of the lines at times
But I will mind a sign of love
If there is one

Whither I can come
To face the charge
To dig and delve at large
Time to find a sign of love

All along
On all fours, no soy un santo
I tried to tell you I’m a bad pirate
Look the thing in the eye

To wind up gazin’ back
At a moonlit graveyard
In Carbondale
Someplace safe and dry and quiet

She always said I’d be better off dead
I think she’s got snakes in her head

Y’all are too kind
It’s a sign of love

One, two – buckle my shoe
It’s a sign of love

And it’s a fine howdy doo
A sign of love